Editor Michelle Toglia On The Perks Of Platinum Jewelry

Durability, luster, timelessness, and beyond. Need we say more?

by Michelle Guerrere

Like so many things in life, fine jewelry is all about quality over quantity. For BDG Editor Michelle Toglia, that couldn’t be more true. Due to a silver and nickel allergy, Toglia’s turned to high-quality jewelry materials that won’t irritate her skin: “I buy platinum as much as possible,” she says. “Thankfully, it’s so my vibe! It’s classic, long-lasting, and shiny, too!”

Toglia’s day-to-day style is rooted in elevated basics — fitted tees, matching two-piece sets, and bomber jackets — which make the perfect foundation for a unique jewelry look. Some of her go-to platinum pieces include a pendant bar necklace that her husband got her for her birthday, an ultra-thin watch her grandma found on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, and a double pendant necklace that displays her grandmother’s initials and an angel. For those who have a similar minimalist jewelry style, Toglia suggests ball studs or a thin fashion ring with a diamond. For those who are total maximalists? “You can’t go wrong with a thick platinum bracelet.”

Beyond its hypoallergenic nature, Toglia stands behind platinum as a great investment. “It won’t fade like gold, as it’s a naturally white metal, and it’s more durable so you’ll get more use out of it.” And the best part? “It’s way more of a statement.” Keep scrolling to check out Toglia’s platinum picks, then learn more about the perks of this precious metal on