You Won't Believe How Real These Skin-Splitting, 3D Tattoos Look (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

There are a bunch of different types of crazy art, but body art, like tattoos, is where things get even crazier. If you genuinely believe that tattoos are insane to begin with, what you're about to see will blow you away. Introducing the latest body modification trend: 3D tattoos.

That's right, tattoo artists everywhere have been perfecting the craft and more and more people are getting them. The technique as definitely been around for quite some time, but you know how trends are — they come and they go.

Some of the tattoos below make people look see-through and hallow, while others depict popping visuals of your skin. Check out the photos below and ask yourself if you would get one of these!

The third eye.

Tattoo or a 3D printed leg?

Hm, where's the missing piece to the puzzle?

Ah, there it is!

Battle scars.

The birthday suit.

This would freak the entire beach out.

Someone must really like Spiderman.

She's got a tattoo gun and she's not afraid to use it!

Need a pen?

Here's one person you wouldn't want to run into at the beach.

Well, at least we know where the wild things are now.

"Don't move..."

Photos courtesy of Imgur