Guys Prove You Can Put Anything In A Waffle Iron And It'll Be Amazing (Video)

Waffle irons don't have to be used to create waffle-related dishes.

They can bring virtually any of your foodie ideas to life.

And for those of us who are incredibly lazy (as far as getting creative in the kitchen is concerned), waffle irons might just be the answer to our problems.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by ChefSteps, we're introduced to a group of foodies with a cooking space and a waffle iron.

From there, the team went on to produce a series of waffle iron treats ranging from grilled cheese sandwiches to hot fudge brownies.

At approximately the 3:40 mark, when you see dumplings being made with a waffle iron, you'll ask yourself something like, "Wait, why do stoves even exist?"

Seriously, why do stoves take up so much space when it would clearly be easier to get by with one of these handy-dandy waffle irons?!

The possibilities are f*cking endless.

Check out the video above for a closer look!