The World's Longest Pizza Was Created And It's Absolutely Gorgeous (Photos)


Ladies and gentlemen, it finally happened -- "it" referring to Italy breaking the record for the World's Longest Pizza.

On Saturday, Guinness World Record judge Lorenzo Veltri made his way to Milan to confirm the length of the almost one-mile-long pizza made using around 3,307 pounds of tomatoes.

It took approximately 80 chefs, hailing from different parts of Italy, to create this extra cheesy masterpiece.

Not to mention, a total of five different ovens were used to make sure this thing was made! But, why exactly was it made?

Well, it was made to help Italy celebrate the 126th anniversary of the Margherita Pizza the right way!

As suspected, the chefs couldn't preserve this in one of Italy's many museums -- but that's a good thing.

Instead, the 30,000 guests who showed up to the Expo Milano 2015 were able to grab a bite, and the rest of the pizza was donated to the Banco Alimentare food bank.

For a closer look, check out a few tweets from the event below!

On June 20, history was made.

The event was held at the Expo Milano 2015.

The pizza took a total of 80 chefs to make and 800 tables to hold up, and it measured around 5,200-feet!

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