Woman Takes Selfies With Her Homemade Hats For Breast Cancer Awareness (Photos)

Like most people battling breast cancer, 46-year-old Sara Cutting was forced to say goodbye to her curly blonde locks once she began chemotherapy last October.

But instead of being ashamed of baldness and hiding her hair loss, Cutting decided to embrace her bare head by snapping selfies in all sorts of badass hats and posting them on Instagram.

Cutting makes all of her amazing hats by herself, and so far, we've seen this cheerful gal rock everything from rolling pins and radios to entire cakes as sweet head accessories.

In fact, it seems like nothing is safe from being turned into one of her awesome selfie hats.

Cutting's selfies aren't all just for fun and games, either. This modern-day Mad Hatter has become quite the sensation on social media, and she's using her uplifting selfies to help others.

This lovely lady kept her hat challenge up for over 365 days and, so far, raised over $24,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Take a look at the pictures below to see her amazing selfies.

Meet Sara Cutting.

Cutting was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2014.

Cutting started to lose her gorgeous golden locks once her chemo treatments began last October.

However, she never let her bald head get her down.

Instead of hiding her hair loss, Cutting decided to embrace baldness and show off her head...

...by turning everyday objects into hilarious hats.

Cutting takes daily selfies in over-the-top headpieces...

...and posts all of her happy hat photos on social media.

Cutting said, "Life has to go on and you have to find a way of coping, so this has been a really good focus for me."

She added, "It's a reason for me to get my makeup on, get dressed and put on a big smile, no matter how I'm feeling."

Since she started her hat challenge, we've seen her in everything from global garb...

And toaster toppers...

To Easter egg bonnets...

...and some seriously sweet ensembles.

Cutting's charming selfies are super inspiring...

...and she's used her hilarious hat challenge to raise thousands of dollars for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Cutting has finally finished her chemo treatments, and her hair is starting to grow again.

However, this happy hatter decided she would rather stay bald and continue showing off her awesome headpieces.

Cutting certainly is one amazing woman, and she hopes her delightful photos will raise awareness and encourage other women to check their "bits" for signs of breast cancer.

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