Elisa Roche/Instagram

Woman Turns Bananas Into Awesome Works Of Art With Creative Doodles (Photos)

When we were kids, our parents always told us not to play with our food. But they never said anything about turning our favorite snacks into delicious masterpieces by doodling all over them.

If there's one person who knows this, it's Elisa Roche.

One of Roche's favorite foods happens to be bananas. However, this creative London-based journalist doesn't like to chow down on a bunch of boring bananas.

Instead, she brings her fruity snacks to life by transforming them into awesome works of art. Let's face it, plain yellow bananas are so passé these days.

After she's done doodling all over her bananas with ballpoint and gel pens, she photographs her unique banana paintings and posts these beautiful snacks on her funwithfruit Instagram account.

Whether she's giving her bananas a movie-inspired makeover, turning them into pop culture characters or even transforming her fruit into the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine," all of her fruity illustrations are nothing short of spectacular.

Not to mention, some of her clever character-clad bananas are pretty hilarious.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Roche's awesome edible artwork.

B1 and B2 from "Bananas in Pyjamas"

Kermit the Frog

"Yellow Submarine" snack

Follow the banana brick road

Back to the fruit-ure

Diving into a delicious snack

The most feared fruit from the deep

Bananas always make the best broomsticks

Dragonfruit at its finest

Frozen banana

Superbanana, fighting hunger one snack at a time

Karl Lagerfruit and Choupette

Branded banana

Chiquita has nothing on this banana mermaid

Bananas make you big and strong

Fruity geisha girl

Snacktime swoosh

"This sh*t is bananas"

Pucci painted fruit

A banana boat on the open seas

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