This Woman Smashes Her Face Into Bread, And The Internet Is Obsessed


Every now and then, an Instagram account comes along that makes you kick yourself for not coming up with it first.

Breadfaceblog might not be that Instagram account.

Still, the account, which bills itself as one that's “giving the people something they didn't ask for,” has been (I assume) cornering the face-in-bread market since late July, the time of the account's first post.

Since July, Bread Face posted 15 clips of herself smashing her face into 14 different kinds of bread.

She throws on what looks like a Tommy Bahama shirt and smashes her face into three King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.

She buries her nose in the bosom of some challah.

She face-plants in some naan, and one commenter calls it “f*cking intense.”

She destroys a square of cornbread, hands-free.

While the intrigue surrounding Bread Face could be dispelled by shooting a quick email to the breadfaceblog gmail address offered in the info, I fear I may end up only asking her where she bought all her sick outfits.

Say what you will about Bread Face, but homegirl knows how to dress for the job she wants.

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