23-Year-Old Is Living The Dream And Getting Paid To Travel The World (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

Imagine traveling the world, seeing something new almost every day and getting paid for it.

That's exactly what life is like for Brooke Saward, a 23-year-old from Australia.

Her wanderlust is earning her major success. Her travel blog, World of Wanderlust, reportedly garners close to 950,000 page views on a monthly basis.

Over the course of a year, Saward visited about 50 countries and six different continents, according to Daily Mail. But where did her story begin? When did she start doing this?

Well, Saward's wanderlust began the day she graduated from her university.

She purchased a one-way ticket to London, and since then, she's been traveling the world all by herself.

Her fans keep up with her on social media.

With a combined 320,000 followers across different social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, fans get to practically tag along with Saward while she travels to places people dream of visiting.

One scroll through her Instagram feed and you'll wonder why you haven't packed your bags yet.

The answer to that question is likely money. It takes a lot of it to live life on the edge like Saward.

But thanks to her travel blog, she's been able to develop relationships with tourism boards, hotels and travel companies willing to fund her expeditions for exposure.

And when she's not hiking to the top of mountains and swimming down coastlines, Saward chooses to get cozy in hotel rooms, write her blog posts and edit her photos from her trips.

If you were ever wondering what true wanderlust looks like, just take one look at her Instagram!

Meet Brooke Saward. She's known for her adventurous lifestyle and travel blog.

On the day of her graduation, Saward decided to book a one-way flight to London.

She packed her bags and never looked back.

The 23-year-old travels to places most people only dream about.

Why? Well, this explains her logic.

Despite the fact that many people would love to pack their bags and hit the road, there's one little issue: funding!

Who's going to pay for all of these trips?! They're pricey.

Thanks to her travel blog and her massive following on social media, Saward formed relationships with tourism boards, hotels and travel companies around the world.

They help her fund trips all over the world!

If this isn't what fulfilling your own wanderlust looks like, we're not sure what does!

I mean, how awesome would it be to sightsee along California's Pacific Coast Highway while driving from the Bay to Los Angeles...

...and the next minute, you're in Africa becoming part of a tribe?!

This is everyday life for Saward.

She's seen the whimsical structures of the Antelope Canyon in Arizona...

The beautiful waters in Fiji...

... and even the lavish Talise Ottoman Spa in Dubai.

Brooke Saward truly mastered the art of wanderlust!

Where will she end up next? Follow her on Instagram.

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