Creative Woman Dresses Up Her Pet Lizards In Hilarious Outfits (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

If you have a pet at home, one of your favorite pastimes is probably dressing it up in funny outfits.

Whether you're dressing your dog in a cap and gown for successfully becoming a service dog or somehow getting your cat into a Princess Jasmine costume for the hell of it, the possibilities are truly endless.

More recently, however, a genius who goes by the name of Reagan Anderson decided to put her little pet lizards to good use and dress them up in a bunch of different outfits, including a wedding dress.

Anderson was even able to get the lizards to pose for each shot without scurrying away. That takes some skill and a ton of patience. I mean, after all, they are lizards.

There's a slight chance you've never seen a lizard in a wedding dress before.

And you've probably never seen one leaning over the kitchen counter like a boss.

But hey, there's a first time for everything.

When this super cool lizard isn't being domesticated, it's looking deep into your future.

And this one's taking its bike for a cruise!

What a badass.

Oh, and they've got friends, too. Check out this group selfie from a birthday party.

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