Here's What Your Social Media 'About Me' Section Says About You

We've got Facebook and LinkedIn with the job, location, website and a place for a bio to boot. Then there's the character-capped profiles like Twitter and Instagram that allow you to have a short line.

What to put in those spaces is a challenge.

Choose wisely because how you fill these outlets -- either with words or emoji -- says way more than what is actually typed. Here's what your choice in bio actually says about you.

Funny quote:

I like to have a good time and will always make you laugh while inserting random lines from pop culture into regular conversation. I compare myself with the likes of Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller and can be counted on to cheer you up if you're down. I will never be high maintenance and I will never not embarrass you in front of those people you're trying to impress.

Inspirational quote:

I am the type of person who will have an answer for everything. There is nothing that makes giving up acceptable, no matter how low you may feel. I can be trusted with secrets and can provide you with any notable reference to compare to your situation. This will make you feel better about what's happening; it always helps me.

Slew of emoji:

I am very indecisive. I couldn't decide what I should write with only 150 characters so I spoke with visual clues. I am obviously a libra because that's the horoscope symbol in that purple square; I like chicken, pizza and ice cream cones; I play basketball and video games; I like dogs and the city. When you need someone to fill silence with nonsense conversation, I'm that person!

Mysterious haiku:

I am so deep. There are walls that need to be knocked down before you start to thaw my frozen heart. I will always play my music too loud even when listening to headphones. I will get moody at the site of certain artistic displays and when you ask me about them I will stutter but never really answer your questions of why I get upset. But any time you need to vent or want a concert buddy, call me.

Team slogan:

Sports are my life. I need companionship and like to feel a part of something bigger than myself, which is why I obsess over a team of people that don't even know I exist. My life revolves around their schedule and even when they're not playing, I keep ESPN on. I can be there as a distraction to whatever you may be going through and will always have animated, loud responses.

Graduation class and job:

Money can buy me your love, I just know it. I worked hard to get where I am and I want everyone to know it. I can give you my two cents on all matters because I believe I have survived it all. Name dropping is one of my favorite hobbies, as is retelling stories of me and my buddies from the glory days. I will always pick up the check and make sure to tag our location in posts.


I only made this profile because people were talking about it but I forget I have it on a daily basis. I try to live in the moment instead of sharing them. I could be described as lazy but I think of myself as relaxed. When you're talking, I'll always be listening because I don't know how to play on those app things. You can always come over to hang out but I might not return the favor as often.

Actual facts:

I am what I am. ASL?