This Is What It's Like To Date Disney Characters In Real Life (Photos)

If you watched a lot of Disney movies as a kid, you know these fairy tale films give you a pretty unrealistic expectation of the dating world.

Did Disney really expect us to believe finding love is as easy as losing a glass shoe after a night of partying or eating a poisonous apple and passing out in the woods?

Seriously, if these stories were set in real life, Snow White would have woken up to that prince kissing her and pepper sprayed him right in the eyes.

While fairy-tale romances always end with the prince and princess riding off to live happily ever after in their over-the-top castle, anyone who knows the struggles of finding a date on Tinder can assure you that the modern world of dating is much less glamourous.

Recently, College Humor created a series of illustrations that removes your favorite fairy tale lovebirds from their fantasy kingdoms and injects them into the real world.

By adding a dose of reality to these Disney romances, these hilarious images show what the relationships between Disney characters would look like if they all faced the same dating struggles we seem to deal with on a daily basis.

From a nagging Elsa who just can't seem to let something go to a stage-five clinger from under the sea, these clever comics prove that even Disney characters would be doomed in the modern dating scene.

Take a look at the photos below to see the modern dating struggles of Disney characters.

This little mermaid loves tagging along.

Elsa doesn't let go of her grudges.

This beast has his beauty on lockdown.

There's nothing worse than a backseat bug driver.

It's not you, it's your feather color.

Simba just can't wait to get away from confrontation.

Aladdin clearly wears the pants in this relationship.