10 Weird Workouts That Beat Doing The Same Thing At The Gym Every Day

Doing the same thing day after day can get pretty boring, especially when it comes to working out.

It's easy to fall into a fitness rut when you limit yourself to one cardio machine every day or bust out the same dumbbell routine for the ten millionth time.

Staying fit should a fun activity you actually enjoy, not an chore you despise just as much as doing the dishes.

Because let's face it, if it's not something you really want to do, you'll have no problem finding excuses to skip out on the gym.

It's been said that "variety is the spice to life," and the same thing applies to your workouts.

One of the best ways to stay motivated and overcome fitness plateaus is to shake up your fitness routine and try something new.

But before you settle for another spin class or yoga session, you should know there are tons studios out there that think outside the plyo box and come up with some really wild but seriously awesome group workouts.

So in order to help you stay in tip-top shape all summer long, we set out to find a bunch of strange exercise classes so insanely fun, you'll forget you're even working out in the first place.

Trust me, after you try some of these weird workouts, you'll never go back to spending your gym sessions sweating it out on the elliptical.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some unique ways to break a sweat.

Circus Workout

There are a variety of trapeze and aerial classes that teach you the ropes of defying gravity and flying through the air as you build muscle, improve balance and increase flexibility.

Aqua Spin

This workout is just like a normal cycling class except all of the stationary bikes are submerged in a pool, which creates extra resistance, builds strong muscles and increases stamina.

Rock Climbing

Your determination to reach the top is the perfect motivation to keep you going through the burn, and this workout is a great way to increase muscle strength and improve flexibility. But whatever you do, don't look down.

Cardio Cheerleading

These fun workouts use a “cardio-cheer-sculpting” approach and resistance bands that hang from above to burn fat and tone your entire body.

Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping has been given a fitness makeover, and now there are classes that use weighted hoops to give you a fat-blasting cardio workout that seriously tones your abs.

Virtual Surfing

Virtual surfing classes let you work on your beach bod by riding the waves wherever you please.

The class features special surfboards that wobble to replicate waves as you hang ten with a variety of yoga poses that improve balance and strengthen core muscles.


Parkour, also known as free running, is a tough cardio exercise that burns fat and builds muscle as you climb walls and tumble through obstacles.

Pole Dancing

This workout combines gymnastics, acrobatics and pole-inspired dance moves to strengthen core and upper body muscles while also improving coordination, flexibility and balance.

Plus, it lets you ditch the sneakers for some sky-high stilettos.

Trampoline Class

These high energy, low impact cardio classes tone muscles, increase stamina and improve flexibility. Not to mention, they're insanely fun.

Indoor Rowing

Indoor rowing classes are now being called "the new spin class," and this challenging cardiovascular workout is an excellent way to tone the muscles in your arms, legs and back while you torch up to 800 calories and hour.