There's Finally A Weed Bowl-Coffee Mug Hybrid And It's Epic (Photos)

We've all seen our fair share of crazy food-related inventions.

However, one person has set out to create a device that will allow us to indulge in two of our favorite things simultaneously: drinking coffee and smoking weed.

Behold, the Pipemug.

Thanks to this bad boy, you'll never again have to choose between starting the day with a coveted cup of coffee or a quick wake-and-bake session.

Created by Alex Schoenfeld, this cup is pretty much the answer to all of our morning prayers.

So how exactly does this clever coffee cup work?

Well, it's actually pretty simple.

The Pipemug has a hollow handle that allows smoke to travel from the external bowl to a mouthpiece located on the handle, and the handmade cup even has a carb on its side.

You can even drink and smoke out of the Pipemug at the same time -- if you are coordinated enough, that is. With this mug, mornings will never be the same.

If you still can't believe the Pipemug actually exists, check out the photos below.


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