Couple's Simple Wedding At City Hall Is Actually Amazingly Beautiful (Photos)

You don't need to have an expensive, over-the-top wedding ceremony to make the big day truly special.

If there's a couple who knows this, it's Jaymie Eaton and her hubby, Hector.

Instead of agonizing over complicated wedding plans, the two decided to keep things simple and tie the knot at San Francisco's City Hall.

Although these lovebirds got married in a courthouse, their ceremony certainly didn't sacrifice elegance for simplicity.

The two exchanged vows under the venue's stunning ornamental dome and reserved a beautiful balcony space on the fourth floor to make the event more intimate.

Eaton told Refinery29,

It's so stunning, it needed nothing to make it wedding-day ready. We had every intention of making it a super-small and simple event, without a strict itinerary or conventionality. We didn't have a grand entrance, just a ton of love and eucalyptus and Champagne and macarons!

Luckily, photographer Anna-Alexia Basile was there to capture the newlyweds' special moments throughout the day, and it's not hard to see this City Hall wedding was simply spectacular.

Take a look at the photos below to see this beautiful San Fransisco City Hall wedding.

Meet Jaymie and Hector.

Instead of planning a complicated wedding, these two opted for simplicity.

While they may have skipped out on a big entrance...

...their ceremony didn't skip out on beauty and sophistication.

This decorative venue created the perfect backdrop for their big day.

Eaton wore an elegant wedding dress from Stone Cold Fox...

...and opted for a gorgeous, overgrown bouquet.

The entire family was there to celebrate the special occasion and everyone dressed in white.

Keeping the event small and simple allowed them to really enjoy their special day...

...and focus on what a wedding is really all about: love.

Their incredible photos from the day show you don't need to plan a big ceremony to make your wedding amazing.