20 People Share How They Finally Got Over Their Terrible Exes (Photos)

Everyone has different ways of dealing with a breakup.

Some people immediately start swiping to find the perfect rebound hookup on Tinder, while others heal their empty hearts with wine.

When it comes to coping with a bad breakup, I normally binge-watch a bunch of chick flicks with my dogs and my two BFFs, Ben & Jerry, because let's face it, nothing heals a broken heart like a seriously good cry and some ice cream.

Whisper, the app that lets you dish the deets on your deepest secrets, recently rounded up a collection of confessions that reveals all the unique things people do to get over bad breakups.

From hitting the dance floor and dating other guys to focusing on themselves and finding their own happiness, people use all sorts of strategies to seal the cracks in their broken hearts and move on with their lives.

Take a look at the pictures below to see all the ways people get over their exes.

Dance instead of crying.

Hit up an old crush.

Put your ex in the friend zone.

Use work to forget your woes.

Meet my new boyfriends, Jack and Jose.

You don't need your ex to feel satisfied.

Ain't nobody got time for an ex with a Napoleon complex.

Tear up the memories and move on.

Forget your ex and find your own happiness.

Feel better by looking f*cking hot.

Get with exes on exes.

Just distance yourself.

Find someone who's completely different.

Just ignore him.

Move on to the next... and the next... and the next.

When it doubt, stalk it out.

Sometimes, all you need is good rebound sex.

Who needs a real boyfriend when you have a work boyfriend?

Focus on yourself, not your breakup.

Use other guys to get over the breakup.

For more confessions, check out Whisper.

*Editor's Note: The title of this article has been amended to better suit the content.