Your Wanderlust Will Go Crazy When You See 'The Best Island In The World'

Felix Hug

Everyone knows tropical islands are the perfect place to have fun under the sun.

However, when it comes to finding the ultimate oasis in the middle of the ocean, not all islands are created equal.

So then, which destinations serve as the ultimate seaside escape?

Travel + Leisure magazine just released its annual list of the best islands the world has to offer, and an island in the Philippines called Palawan snagged the number one spot for 2016.

It turns out this isn't first time that Palawan has been recognized as a prestigious paradise, since the small Pacific island claimed the same title back in 2013.

Now, you're probably wondering, "What makes this place stand out amidst a sea of impressive locales?"

Well, to put it simply, Palawan is just an island that seems to have it all.

From the stunning white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters to flourishing rainforests and breathtaking mountains, this diverse island is an insanely beautiful place that offers all sorts of awesome activities.

Whether you're looking to grab your scuba tank and scope out the coral reef, go on a hiking adventure through the tropical forest or work on your tan as you lounge around on the beach and drink piña coladas, Palawan has something for every type of traveler.

No really, I should probably warn you: Seeing this place is pretty much guaranteed to give a serious case of vacation FOMO.

Check out the pictures below for a closer look at this amazing island:

If you're looking for the perfect place to embrace your wanderlust...

...Travel + Leisure magazine just released its annual ranking of the best islands in the world.

This year's top spot was awarded to an island in the Philippines called Palawan.

Take one look at this peaceful paradise, and it's not hard to see why Palawan was named as 2016's best island.

This island sanctuary is like a little slice of heaven nestled in the middle of the sea.

Aside from being simply stunning, Palawan is a diverse island that offers a ton of things to do.

Palawan's sandy white beaches offer the ultimate spot to kick back and work on your golden tan.

If you grab your scuba gear and dive beneath the turquoise waves, you'll find an abundance of exotic marine life amidst the coral gardens.

If swimming through the world's clearest water isn't impressive enough, Palawan also has an underground river that stretches for miles.

But, that's not all. The island's lush rainforests serve as the perfect place for adventurous nature lovers.

Or, if you're down to see some animals, Palawan is home to the largest wildlife sanctuary in all of the Philippines.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that you can hike to the top of Palawan's sky-high mountains... score a breathtaking view of the island vista.

Yep, this geographical gem certainly has something for every type of traveler.

So if you're looking for me, I'll be lying under a palm tree in Palawan.

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