These Adorable Fashion Boxes Are A Must-Have To Swag Out Your Pet (Photos)

Pet clothing is often associated with psychopaths like Paris Hilton who enjoy dressing their pups in tutus and sparkly booties. But a new company is taking the concept of pet fashion and turning it on its head in the best way ever.

Brooklyn-based company Wagdrobe is essentially an online styling service for your furry friends. Pet owners can pick a price and style, and the company's stylists will curate a box of apparel and accessories for your pooch (or kitty).

Prices range from $25 for a single outfit to $50 for two, with looks like “hipster hound” and “pooch next door.” It's a little unnecessary — but absolutely freaking adorable.

The company, which launched last spring, is starting to take off on social media. Check out the furry fan photos, below, and head to Wagdrobe to learn more and shop for your lil' bestie.

Pet-styling service Wagdrobe is the first of its kind.

Each outfit is chosen with the pet's coloring, size, and owner's style preference in mind.

This means no two Wagdrobe boxes are the same.

Though each outfit (or pair) comes ready-to-go in a box, this is not a subscription service.

You can order as often as you want, and pay only for what you buy.

Though Wagdrobe is most popular among dog owners...

…The company's stylists will make clothes for any critter.

This means you can dress up your cat…

…Your pig...

…Or any other furry friend you may have.

You'll find seasonal Wagdrobes on the site…

…As well as holiday outfits…

…In addition to nine core styles, like this “hipster hound” look.

It's pretty much the best thing to happen to pet fashion since ever.

Head to Wagdrobe to shop and learn more (and be sure to share your Wagdrobe pictures on Instagram).