This Video Game Lets You Experience What A Trump Presidency Would Be Like

Deemed too offensive for the app store, the GOP Arcade lives on here, and the silver lining is it's more free than freedom.

Brian MooreChris BakerMike Lacher and William Herring are the minds behind these satirical slants on classic arcade games. You can now "Get Trump's Taxes," "Bomb the Right Place" and, if you're feeling especially adventurous, you can try your hand at "Science Fighter," "Good Guy with a Gun" and "Trump Toss."

We spoke to the guys about how their collaborative efforts bring out the best in each of them, as well as about the balancing act of satire with this particular joint effort. They even offer their predictions for the 2016 election, saying,

Check out our interview with these masterminds below, watch the preview for the video game above and play all the hilarious/terrifyingly accurate games here.

How was the idea for the GOP Arcade born? Have you ever shied away from bringing politics or mainstreamed beliefs into your work?

What was your reaction when the App Store rejected the GOP Arcade, which now lives here? Do you carry that rejection like a badge of honor?

How do you balance going so over the top, it's clearly satire, without just going over the top? What are some of the challenges that come with a project like this?

Were there any arcade games you toyed with that remained in the ideation stage?

How long have you all been collaborating on projects? How do you enable your partners to reach their creative potentials? Are your partnerships built on having similar styles, or is it more a chemistry of differences?

Anything else you'd like to add?

This interview originally appeared on Free Range, the Working Not Working blog. 

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