All Of The Victoria's Secret Models Will Walk With Their Natural Hair


Victoria's Secret models all tend to have the same look when it comes to how their hair if coiffed -- long, bouncy waves -- thanks to a lot of hair extensions.

For years, I thought that I could be an Angel if I just got my hair right. But it turns out that there are a lot of reasons I'm not an Angel... mainly the lobster claws for hands. But I digress.

Last year, however, Victoria's Secret let model Maria Borges walk with her natural hair.

After she took to the runway with her natural hair, the brand received a lot of support and, I'm sure, inspired a lot of people to realize that the way they look is naturally beautiful.

Sarah Potempa, who is the lead VS fashion show hairstylist, recently told Refinery29 that this year, her team will style the model's hair not only to their preference, but to their natural look.

She said,

We want to embrace everyone's natural beauty. We're giving a carefree approach to the length and type of curl. Some women with shorter hair, maybe a lob, will walk with that hair. We're not gonna add extensions to make it super-long. And if someone has short hair on the side or a tight haircut, we're not gonna put a wig on or put extensions on their head. We're gonna embrace it. There are 51 women, and we're gonna make them feel their most beautiful.

We love that Victoria's Secret is embracing people's natural hair!

Who knows? Maybe they'll move even further from their typical "cookie cutter" type of model.

Maybe next year you'll see an, oh, I don't know, a 5-foot-2 writer who seems to have a hunchback because she sits over her laptop all day, wears glasses and has hair that Hermione would be shocked to see.

Hit me up if you're into it, VS.

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