This Underwater Photo Might Already Be The Best Group Selfie Of 2015

by Gillian Fuller

We’re only 16 days into 2015, and the competition for the year’s best selfie is already seriously stiff, thanks to one Redditor (and his group of friends).

Yesterday, rataferoz7 posted a group selfie to the site, which features 12 friends posing for the camera -- half of them are fully submerged underwater and half of them are above on a boat.

There’s no caption explaining how the crazy-cool snap was captured, but many commenters vehemently argue against its validity, claiming the “group selfie” is simply the work of some masterful Photoshopping.

Sadly, the poster has yet to respond to the claims, leading us to question if the commenters are right -- usually they are.

Still, real or not, it’s a damn cool photo.

Check it out below, and decide for yourself if it's legit or bullsh*t.