Some Of The Rarest Lamborghinis In The World Are In This Secret Garage In Tokyo


Back in 2014, we introduced you to an interesting video showcasing the secret lives of Japan's Lamborghini gangs.

If you're unfamiliar, picture a biker gang, but instead of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, these tattooed daredevils are driving souped-up Lamborghinis.

This time, in a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Effspot, we're given a rare look at an underground garage in Tokyo where some of the most insane-looking Lamborghinis rest their engines.

One stroll through this garage and you'll wonder why every car made isn't covered in spikes or wrapped in cheetah print.

These street machines are a good look at the best of what Japan's car culture has to offer.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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