This Twitter Account Proves 'GOT' Is Just An R-Rated Version Of 'Shrek' (Photos)

If you're a big "Game of Thrones" fanatic, be prepared to have your mind blown.

It turns out your beloved HBO show is pretty much an R-rated version of "Shrek."

Now, I know what you're probably thinking: By the gods of the Seven Kingdoms, there's no way "GoT" could be anything like a fairytale story starring a big, green ogre and his adorable donkey BFF.

But, just hear me out on this one.

Recently, some genius created the Twitter account @shrekgot and set out to uncover all of the insane similarities between "Game of Thrones" and "Shrek."

But unlike "Shrek," "Game of Thrones" probably won't end happily ever after.

Take a look at the pictures below to see proof "GoT" is really just a ripoff of "Shrek."

If you've ever had déjà vu while watching "GoT"...

pic.twitter.com/GAkTjWupnS — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

...it's probably because it's pretty much the same thing as "Shrek."

pic.twitter.com/vr003oaotb — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

The Twitter account @shrekgot recently called out the copycats of Westeros...

pic.twitter.com/IG16hxPFYH — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

...by creating a bunch of side-by-side comparisons that are spot on.

pic.twitter.com/FOlzvkjRHO — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

There's a wedding ceremony with a noble dwarf...

pic.twitter.com/qtnMJzs5RU — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

...and a pair of siblings who look just like the Queen Mother and her undercover lover.

pic.twitter.com/kbEuUsbMCC — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

Is that the Kingslayer or Prince Charming?

pic.twitter.com/DCAmpKpv9v — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

Prince Oberyn is pretty much a human version of Puss in Boots; they're both known for their signature eyes -- or lack thereof in Prince Oberyn's case.

pic.twitter.com/odjc7wcR4I — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 11, 2015

Ramsay Bolton likes to torture his prisoners just like Lord Farquaad. However, Lord Farquaad just breaks off legs instead of, well, you know.

pic.twitter.com/fuc8xCXbi9 — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

A lot of scenes from "GoT" just look like "Shrek" with real people...

pic.twitter.com/YFzCrOq08O — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

Like this sword fight...

pic.twitter.com/kqyDUtXT1Y — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

...and this giant who carries around his little friend.

pic.twitter.com/OYm4wRX3lk — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 7, 2015

Sansa is basically Princess Fiona, minus the kung fu skills.

pic.twitter.com/vhnVBgyLA8 — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

Olenna Tyrell could pass as the Fairy Godmother.

pic.twitter.com/1pbP3Lkube — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

Not to mention, King Joffrey really resembles this little assh*le.

pic.twitter.com/mWrCLMUijY — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

From the fighting scenes...

pic.twitter.com/0RXpQeNf8b — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 9, 2015

To the flying dragons...

pic.twitter.com/3AlxdjrS8A — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 8, 2015

And the heartbreaking death of our favorite characters...

pic.twitter.com/lZmcXOU4DD — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 15, 2015

...it's not hard to see "GoT" and "Shrek" are basically the same.

pic.twitter.com/GyO13HNmx1 — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 6, 2015

Really, what are the odds Daenerys and Donkey would both have names starting with the letter D and a bunch of fire-breathing dragon babies?

pic.twitter.com/3o5v1847kD — got as shrek (@shrekgot) June 7, 2015

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