These Hot Dogs Travel Everywhere For The Best 'Hot Dogs Or Legs' Yet (Photos)


If you use Instagram, there's a good chance you're familiar with the typical basic-bitch beach selfie.

You know, those photos that show off a pair of glistening, suntanned legs against an exotic beach backdrop.

Sure, in theory, this type of photo sounds pretty good.

But for some reason, those legs usually end up looking uncannily similar to my favorite backyard barbecue snack, minus the bun.

Yep, every time I see one of these selfies, I ask myself the same question: Is that someone trying to show off their legs on vacation or a pair of hot dogs simmering in the Caribbean sun?

The world will never know.

We recently came across a glorious Instagram called "Traveling Hot Dogs" that captures the growing hot-dog legs epidemic around the world.

Based on these delightful photos, I guess it's safe to assume hot dogs are as well-traveled as they are tasty.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this hilarious Instagram account.

Feast your eyes on Traveling Hot Dogs.

This comical Instagram account pokes fun at the "hot dogs or legs" struggle... showcasing the adventures of delicious hot dog duos... they do all sorts of activities around the world.

It turns out frankfurters frequent more places than just the beach.

You can find this tasty twosomes on the tops of mountains...

...simmering alongside the pool...

...going HAM in ancient cities...

...and ditching their buns for some badass boats.

Netflix pairs perfectly with pigs in a blanket.

When these double dogs aren't working hard to achieve that grade-A status... can usually find them embracing their inner basic bitch by lying in a pile of leaves...

...seasoning themselves with some Starbucks...

...or looking all delicious in the bleachers.

Always remember, sausage safety first!

Hold onto your buns, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.