These Genius Travel Hacks Will Help You Pack Like A Pro


There's nothing quite like the liberating feeling of hopping on a plane and heading off on an epic adventure. If you're someone who frequently travels, however, you know that preparing for your departure can be a serious pain in the ass.

If there's one thing I hate, it's packing my suitcase. Between the anxiety of trying to remember everything I need on my trip, and even worse, trying to get all of those things to actually fit in my bag (and stay under the weight limit) the packing struggle can be seriously real.

Plus, I can't tell you how many times I've carelessly thrown a bunch of my belongings in a bag, only to get to my destination and discover a shit show of wrinkled clothes, spilled cosmetics and broken souvenirs scattered about my suitcase.

If you happen to share my hatred for packing, I have some good news for you. It turns out packing doesn't suck that bad (if you know what you are doing, of course).

From simple tricks like rolling your clothes to DIY travel hacks like using everyday items to store accessories and toiletries, there's all sorts of little things you can do to save a ton of space in your suitcase and keep your things organized during your travels.

Since we're approaching peak summer vacation season, I figured it's probably time we all learn how to pack like an adult, so I set out to find some useful hacks that will help you pack your bags like a professional jet setter.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some hacks that will make packing your suitcase a breeze:

Place your shoes in a shower cap to protect your clothes from dirty shoe bottoms.

Prevent leaks by sealing bottles with plastic wrap before screwing on the lids.

Save space by stuffing your shoes with smaller shoes...

...or filling up each pair with smaller items like sunglasses and socks.

Maximize space by rolling your clothes...

Separating each outfit into plastic bags...

...and arranging everything like Tetris blocks in your suitcase.

Use a pill holder to keep jewelry organized...

...and buttons to keep earrings together.

A simple straw will prevent your necklaces from getting tangled...

...and you can use Press n' Seal plastic wrap to keep your statement jewelry in place.

An empty chapstick container can be used to hold bobby pins.

Put a cotton ball in your compact to stop makeup from breaking.

A contact case can be used to store small amounts of liquid makeup.

An empty tic tac container can double as a toothbrush cover.

You can use a binder clip as a cover for your razor.

Store headphones and chargers in a sunglasses case...

...and use a hair clip to keep your wrapped cords secure.

Wrap your hair tools in a potholder to prevent them from burning other things in your suitcase.

Last but not least, tossing a couple of dryer sheets in your luggage is a simple hack to keep clothes smelling fresh.