This Drag Queen Transforms Herself Into Iconic '90s Cartoon Characters

Who says playing dress-up is for kids?

Earlier this year, former “Ru Paul's Drag Race” contestant Phi Phi O'Hara launched an Instagram challenge called #365DaysOfDrag. Her mission? To feature a new drag look every day.

Since beginning the challenge, O'Hara's goal has apparently transformed: Instead of just featuring drag looks, she's been dressing up according to themes, using costumes, makeup, and in some cases, prosthetics, to achieve her desired look.

So far, she's transformed into pop stars, powerful women and even female fantasy creatures — but the best of all is undoubtedly her transformations into '90s cartoon characters.

Check out some of her Nickelodeon-inspired looks below and head to Instagram to see 'em all.

Daria (“Daria”):

Eliza Thornberry (“The Wild Thornberrys”):

Helga Pataki (“Hey Arnold”):

Lil (“Rugrats”):

Judy Funnie (“Doug”):

Jane (“Daria”):

Cynthia (“Rugrats”):

Jubilee (“X-Men”):

Didi Pickles (“Rugrats”):

Princess Celestia (“My Little Pony”):

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