They Don't Call Him 'Money' For Nothing: Floyd Mayweather's Lavish Lifestyle

by Eddie Cuffin

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has to be one of the most prolific boxers in the sport to date. His impeccable defense, coupled with his lighting fast hands, makes his opponents miserable. On top of all this, he makes it known that he is going to beat you, as Floyd is one of the biggest trash talkers in the sport. His undefeated record could speak for itself, but that just wouldn't be half as entertaining.

Aside from his great boxing skills and undefeated record, Floyd is also known for his out of the ring antics, from lavish intros with rappers performing live, to trash talking about boxers. Floyd holds nothing back, which is especially true when it comes to the way Floyd spends his money.

Let us take a stroll through the life of Floyd Mayweather Jr. with these photos of his extravagant lifestyle.

Nothing screams "balling" quite like counting your money in a Louis Vuitton briefcase on a private jet.

Need ice for your wrists? Let's just say Floyd's wrists are frozen.

Nothing like spending the day gambling at the MGM casino.

Because he doesn't drink, Floyd has his Cristal bottles just keep him company as he watches TV in his robe.

Does it even get cold in Vegas?

Someone help this man organize his luggage.

Why go shopping when you can have the boutique come to you?

Patron anyone?

Spend so much money, Mark Cuban looks forward to meeting you.

Too many watches, not enough wrists.

Ever heard of a money nap?

Started from the bottom. Time to bring out the toys and have some fun. Nothing like a quick game of Black Jack to get the blood going. Money attracts haters, that's why you need hater blockers for everyday. Match your hater blockers with your kicks, it's only right. So they say time is money. When you have Floyd's money, it's easy to redefine the saying "music to my ears." Spending some quality time with dead presidents. Quick joy ride around town anyone? Counting a million.

Nothing like ending the day getting pampered after counting all that money.