These People Go To Great Lengths To Get Revenge On Their Cheating Spouses (Photos)

The only thing worse than cheating is dealing with the consequences of it -- crazy exes. Whether you were the idiot who decided to cheat or the person who got cheated on, you should never expect things to go smoothly after both parties are exposed these kinds of scenarios.

Every so often, there's always that relationship that doesn't end on good terms. Someone freaks out, someone loses it and someone keys your brand new Benz because you made a dumb decision!

Luckily for us, these people used the Internet to share their unfortunate moments with us. The photos below will show you exactly how crazy people can get.

If you need a few reasons why you should never stoop to such a low level, check these out!

The only thing worse than getting the word "cheater" spray painted on your pick-up truck is getting it towed immediately after.


This guy bought the house next to his ex-wife's and gave her a bird's eye view of a giant middle finger to enjoy every day.


It's hard to "have a nice evening" after this!


Despite recent technological advancements, a newspaper ad can be a little more moving than a subtweet.


Imagine coming home to this!


Someone grabbed a spray paint can and completely lost it.


The sign says it all...


Don't you just hate when your ex-wife sells your 2011 GMC Sierra on CraigsList without you knowing!?


This woman paid dues to her ex using nothing three buckets full of pennies. And is that rice or sand at the bottom of each bucket?


A woman returned home to see a giant rock on her property from her ex-husband that says "Happy Birthday, Isa XX"


When you're pissed at your ex-wife, just take her cherished wedding dress and do this with it.


One man took it upon himself to fill his ex's hot tub with manure, which sunk to the bottom. Imagine stepping in that...


This is pretty self-explanatory.


"Guess who left his Facebook open on the computer?" is the worst thing to get home to.


The only thing worse than going to the mall is going to the mall sporting this:


Now this is how you broadcast 140 characters or less!


Bonus: That time you found your wife's online dating profile and did what every woman fears...