These 30 Infuriating Photos Will Probably Trigger Your Undiagnosed OCD (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

Have you ever looked down at the tiles in your house and realized that one of them is slightly raised or slightly crooked?

Does it piss you off? If so, you can go ahead and diagnose yourself with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Maybe you have OCD, or maybe you're just a perfectionist. Whether it's the fact that someone's tag is sticking up out of their shirt or the fact that you saw an orange hanging out in a pile of apples at the supermarket, we've all seen small, unimportant things that just don't sit right with us.

Interested in seeing if these types of scenarios ruffle your feathers? Below are 30 photos that will probably trigger your undiagnosed OCD.

Check them out below!

This Pothole

This Terribly Cut Pizza

This Obnoxious Bose Charger

This Unsolved Rubik's Cube

These Art Supplies

These Hideous Tiles

When Things Don't Line Up Correctly, Like The 4th Rectangle

Why Would Anyone Do This?

This Keyboard Was Almost Perfect

Lining Up Pencils Like This

Anyone Who Does This To A CapriSun Is Psychotic

Same Goes For This Row of Kit Kats

These Unevenly Placed Tiles

You Could've Just Finished The First Batch Of Pills...

Find The Green M&M In The Group Of Orange Ones

Find The Missing Red Tile

Wouldn't You Rather Be Charged $35 Instead Of $34.99?

Who Would Do Such A Thing?!

Now This Is The Tile Placement Of A True Genius

Towel Racks Shouldn't Be Different. Ever.

This Doubles As A Crime Scene

Someone Can't Count

Put The Lime In The... Lemon Box And Mix Them All Up?

Subway Does Not Welcome Those Who Suffer From OCD

Photos Courtesy: Imgur