These 20 Photos Prove That Skipping Leg Day Is Never Okay (Photos)

You know the type: they have the upper body of a UFC fighter and the lower body of a small child. If you're a fitness freak, you know that there's one simple rule — leg day is a must. Why?

Well, do you think you're doing yourself a favor by killing your upper body workout, but your legs can easily be mistaken for linguini?! Because you're not! If anything, you're prone to more injuries, more public name calling, and you might undesirably come across yourself in an article like this one! Check out the photos below.

First off, even this guy's dead lift is WEAK.

A gust of wind could easily knock this bro over.

Someone needs new friends.

Bros often blame Batman for being a bad influence when it comes to legs day.

This guy wouldn't be able to kick this crate halfway across the street.

Upper body of a giant bulldog, lower body of a teenage yoga instructor.

'Roids are a hell of a drug. Legs day is a hell of a myth.

Once again, another gym rat that needs new friends.

Don't. Skip. Leg. Day.

Why do you hate your legs so much?!

Forget leg day, this guy needs leg month.

When you skip leg day, you're only hurting yourself. And everyone's eyes because you know you're Instagramming your gym photos.

Strong or underdeveloped?


Unfortunately for this guy, this isn't Photoshopped.

If this guy was trying to get lady legs like his lady friend, he succeeded.

Who needs legs when you're a gym teacher?

H/T: Distractify, Photos courtesy of: Imgur