The Most Expensive Bar Tabs You'll Ever Hear Of

by Robert Anthony

Sometimes, you have to give in and break the bank just to be the boss and show your power. There are only a few people who can actually do this and still be good in the morning. From celebrities and rappers, to unknown billionaires, there are 10 staggering bar tabs that have gone down in history.

Whether they were in a nightclub, at a sporting event or at a regular bar, these 10 people have managed to spend the big ones "for a night to remember with people they'll never forget" (or whatever that cheesy saying is). Without further ado, here are the top 10 most expensive bar tabs you'll ever hear of.

10. New Years Eve celebration at Cavalli Club In Dubai, UAE: $108K

There's only one way to ring in the New Year in Dubai and it's at the Cavalli Club. But don't expect to just stroll in there and kick it for anything under your AMEX limit. A group of well-off individuals reportedly strolled in and dropped a pretty penny worth $108k when the night was over. The bill apparently included a bottle of Cristal Champagne for $34k, one three-liter Cavalli vodka at $1,347.70 and 24 Diet Cokes that totaled $144.

9. Mark Cuban's Night Out At Liv In Miami: $110K

It's no secret that everyone's favorite entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, likes to party. Cuban reportedly hit up Miami's LIV Nightclub and threw down $110K. This wasn't just any night though -- the Dallas Mavericks had just won the 2011 NBA Championship. Remember, Mark only makes smart decisions with his money. The larger chunk of the bill was spent on a $90K bottle of Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades).

8. Zac Efron's Biggest Fan At Boardroom In Chicago: $135K

Apparently a Zac Efron fan was stupid enough to spend a total of $135K on a night out with the celebrity himself in Chicago. The idiotic event took place at Boardroom, a popular addition to Chicago nightlife. If you're going to spend that much money on champagne to hang out with Zac Efron, you should probably be deported back to Jupiter.

7. 6 Liter Bottle of Ace of Spades In Dubai Nightclub: $138K

A self-proclaimed big shot Saudi national walked into a Dubai nightclub and decided that it would be so awesome if he ordered up a $136K bottle of champagne. We're just trying to figure out what the other $2K went to on the $138K bill. We're guessing 2 waters or a couple of diet Cokes just like it's nothing.

6. Boston Bruins Hockey Team At MGM Grand In Connecticut: $156K

What do you do as a hockey team when you win the Stanley Cup? Well, you hit up the good ol' MGM Grand in Mashantucket, CT, and drop some change. And by change, we mean $156K on champagne and everyone's well being. Impressive, hockey, impressive!

5. LeBron Shells Out Some Bank At XS Nightclub In Vegas: $171K

It's King James, b*tch. Apparently LeBron was feeling extra lucky one night at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas and decided to order up 33 bottles of Cristal, which were worth $59K. Then he took what was left of that and we're guessing he made it rain or something. Regardless, this is pretty impressive. Despite the rumors of James being a terrible tipper, the King made it up by subjecting himself to alcohol poisoning just to make a small donation.

4. Dexter Koh Spends At Aura Nightclub In London: $184K

Dexter Koh -- the guy who calls himself the real "Fifty Shades of Grey" character -- decided it was time to spend $184K on champagne and other drinks at Aura Nightclub in London. Oh, and he's also a big time gambler. We're guessing he hit the jackpot and celebrated by spending the majority of his earnings that night on cheap hookers and expensive liquors.

3.  Jay-Z Puts Some Numbers On The Board In Miami: $250K

Are you surprised to see Jay on this list? We're not. What's $250-grand to Hov? Clearly nothing as he vacationed out in Miami and did a little champagne shopping. Sources say Jay-Z ordered bottle after bottle after bottle of Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades) to his table at a club in Miami. He even ordered a 15-liter bottle of the good stuff, which was $100K alone. On to the next one!

2.Blackjack Mastermind Don Johnson Spends Big: $256K

Don Johnson, a blackjack expert, reportedly spent $256K in London while partying it up at One4One Nightclub. Johnson apparently soaked fellow clubbers with a 30-liter bottle of Armand De Brignac, which was valued at $192,036 alone. Sounds like a solid night out, Don.

1. Last Year's Ultimate F*ck-Up, Alex Hope Attracts The Law With This Bill: $310K

Look, if Jay-Z's not doing it, you shouldn't be either. Alex Hope is a "banker" who was recently arrested, to no surprise, for unauthorized trading. He lived one of the brighter nights of his life when he stopped by Playground, a Liverpool nightclub, and spent $310K. The story broke news everywhere, which caused all eyes to be on Alex Hope. Then, as expected, his downfall crept up on him. If you're going to spend $310K on a bar tab, it should be legitimate... unless you're dying to go to prison.