The Sexiest, Most Luxurious Private Jet Interiors (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

There's nothing like the interior of a private jet. You know, where everything within the plane is more luxurious than your house will ever be. Some private jet interiors are marbled out masterpieces, and others are gold accented works of art that make you want to sell your house and live on the tarmac. It's amazing that private planes and yachts could house a more luxurious design than even the most lavish estates and mansions.

Bombardier is known for making their jets the most exclusive, but at the same time, most jets don't just come decked out. There are usually modification companies that are hired by the aircraft owner to furnish and renovate the entire plane just to fit the owner's needs.

You never know, you might need to hop on a 14-hour flight to make it to an important business meeting half-way across the world. You're going to want to be comfortable at all times, which means you need your plane to be equipped with a master bedroom that has a king size bed in it. Whatever you need, it's available for you.