The Rich Babies Of Instagram Will Make You Hate Your Childhood With A Passion (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

If you were impressed by the rich kids of Instagram or even the rich kids of Snapchat, you're in for a treat. If you've never heard of either,  you probably haven't spent enough time perusing social media sites.

Either way, there are far more entertaining things to look at like the rich babies of Instagram -- or as we like to call them, "the racky babies of Instagram" (because they have racks on racks).

These kids don't play around. They'll do anything in their power to prove to the world that they live the good life. If that means posing in photos with wads and wads of cold hard cash, they'll do it.

If that means venturing out of their car seat and into the front of a fully-loaded Ferrari, they'll do it. Why? Because they're racky.

Check out the photos below for a closer look at the rich (and super-racky) babies of Instagram.