The Perfect New York City Night As Told By Kirill Was Here Photos

by Robert Anthony

The perfect New York City night does not come easy. There are countless things that could go wrong, from not being able to catch a cab in the city that never sleeps, to dropping your entire dollar pizza slice on yourself like a child.

But what about all of the things that could go right? You know, hot girls everywhere, good music and not throwing up the pizza you got from Artichoke Basille's prior to entering the club.

Luckily for us, nightlife photographer Kirill Was Here is always on the scene to capture the best moments in nightlife. Not a fan? That could be because you accidentally came across your extremely loyal girlfriend of 2 years on his website, in his photo with her rack out drenched in champagne.

Check out the perfect New York City night as told by Kirill Was Here photos below!

"It seems like I know everyone here"

Every now and then, everyone has a dead night, but the best nights are the one's that you didn't expect to be great. You leave your New York City apartment, successfully catch a cab in under 7 seconds, get right into the club and it seems like you know everyone there upon your arrival. Now that's unexpected perfection.

"The music is actually good tonight"

Your night can't be perfect if you're in the right place at the wrong time because the music just sucks that night. There's nothing better than showing up to a spot and actually agreeing with the DJ. There's nothing worse than showing up to 3 hours worth of eardrum penetrating noise that you should be paid to listen to.

"There are girls everywhere"

If there are more guys than girls there, you probably shouldn't be there. Walking into a club, lounge or bar and seeing a plethora of the world's hottest girls (because you're drunk) will bring the greatest joy one has ever experienced. In a city like New York, it's always a gamble that comes along with taking part in the world of nightlife.

"There's champagne everywhere"

The fact of the matter is, where there's champagne, there are beautiful women. It's just something you learn after a year of basic observation. It's almost impossible to consider your night perfect if you're surrounded by girls without champagne or if you're surrounded by champagne without girls -- you need both...always.

"I had know idea you were coming"

There's nothing like breaking routine and running into someone you didn't know was going to show up. It's what you call a nightlife second wind that gives you an excuse to obliterate yourself, which is exactly what you wanted to do in the first place...unless you're boring. The only thing that sucks is when it's someone you hate. Ask Drake and Chris Brown about that.

"She's drunker than I am"

You know it's going to be a good night when it's fourth quarter and you're drunk, but not as wasted as she is. This means you're still in control and if you hold on long enough, you'll probably wake up in her Murray Hill apartment or Upper East Side walk-up the next morning. What's a perfect night in New York City without a walk of shame the following morning?

 "She just took her shirt off"

Why should you have to wait until you get to her apartment to see her naked? The perfect night out is when you've had a chance to preview the goods prior to stumbling down the street and into a cab. If there are girls taking their shirts off, you're on the right path and you're doing it right.

"If she's down for a champagne facial, she's down for anything"

Want to cut corners and save yourself some time? Offer to shower her in champagne. If she's down with it, she'll be down for whatever. There's nothing better than being able to predict the future and forecast your night.

"Kirill is here"

Here's a tip for the rookies: if you're out and nightlife photographer Kirill Was Here happens to be there, you're in the right place. It can only mean one thing: you're going to see promiscuous naked girls showered in champagne making regrettable mistakes. What's a perfect NYC night without those?

"I'm outside and I'm still having fun"

Just because you walked out of the club doesn't mean the fun should stop. Perfecting your night consists of you making it happen whereever you are. Like this chick, she's on a motorcycle.

Photos courtesy of Kirill Was Here, Click here for more information