Guy Performing 'Surgery' On A KitKat And 3 Musketeers Bar Is Mesmerizing

Ladies and gentleman, prepare to meet your newest viral obsession: The Food Surgeon.

The Food Surgeon, as the name suggests, is a social media personality known for performing “surgery” on food, such as “dissection” on Mandarin oranges and "reassignment surgery" on chocolate chip cookies.

Though he or she only joined YouTube in January, the "surgeon" has already amassed an impressive 68k-plus subscribers. And as soon as you check out the mock-doc's surgery technique, you'll totally get the appeal.

Check out the artist's latest project -- a flawless, mind-blowing implantation of a KitKat into a 3 Musketeers bar — above, and follow The Food Surgeon on Instagram and YouTube for more food-fusion footage.