The Craziest Things You Could've Bought On Silk Road, The Black Market Of The Internet

by Robert Anthony

In case you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Silk Road is, or should I say was, an illegal Internet marketplace that sold all kinds of things, from unlicensed firearms and high-grade drugs to contracts that would hire you a hitman for $150,000.

Though the place may have been considered a goldmine for some, it was also a terrible website that allowed vendors to sell child pornography and initiate assassinations.

The online black market was eventually shutdown by the FBI after the entire operation was discovered. Although the founder, Ross William Ulbricht, was arrested, the FBI continues to struggle to seize over 600,000 BitCoins generated by Ulbricht from Silk Road transactions.

Below are the craziest things you could've bought on Silk Road, the black market of the internet. Check them out!


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If you were a fan of the Beatles' "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" song, chances are you were also a fan of LSD, which is what the song was about. Vendors on Silk Road had different amounts of high quality LSD available for a set number of BitCoins.


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We're not sure if the EDM nation of the world had access to purchase things on Silk Road, but if they did, they were able to buy crazy amount of high quality Molly for cheap. It was every raver's dream.

Crystal Meth

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If you were looking to get your "Breaking Bad" on,  you could've easily jumpstarted your own crystal meth factory by purchasing high-grade meth for good prices. Silk Road was like the Costco of the drug world.

Marijuana Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Marijuana butter is a substance you can make that obviously comes from marijuana, but the process can be tedious so if you wanted to cut a few corners, all you had to do was login to Silk Road and hit up your marijuana butter vendors. Marijuana butter is often used when making edibles.

Medical Supplies

Photo courtesy of Time

Syringes, stethoscopes and other items doctors use that you're not supposed to be able to get your hands on were made available around the world by vendors on Silk Road. Seems like some kind of inside job if you ask us!


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Looking to get big? Well, you could've easily turned into The Rock with just a click and a credit card number. Steroids and other enhancements were available for purchase at bulk rates.

Tutorials and guides on hacking ATM machines

Photo courtesy of CNET

Hacking an ATM is every criminal's dream however a lot of these criminals wouldn't know the first step to achieving that goal. However, if you wanted to learn, there were tutorials and guides on how to go about doing so, including how to get away with it although you were caught on camera.

A Hitman will kill someone for you for $150,000

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Wanted someone dead? Silk Road's finest had hitmen lined up and ready to serve you for about $150,000. It's crazy what money can do, but desperate times call for desperate measures and paying some crook $150k to bring you back your enemy's thumb is pretty desperate.

Devil's Breath

Photo courtesy of Funny Junk

It's been crowned the scariest drug in the world due to the fact that it has no scent and can enter your system without you knowing. The Devil's Breath drug can be blown into a person's face, making the person easily persuadable to do just about anything. Whether you're trying to get someone to help you burglarize their own house or have sex with you, this drug, available on Silk Road, was able to do that.

Powder Snuffers

Photo courtesy of Capri Shop

Looking to get your Lindsay Lohan on?  You could've found sniffing pipes and other useful devices within the Silk Road store. They even came in different colors if you want to mix and match.

Moroccan Hash

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Moroccan hash is exactly what it sounds like and boy is it hard to get your hands on. Luckily for hash fans, you would've been able to get your hands on the potent stuff for just a click and a swipe.

Original Red Bull drinks from Thailand

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We're used to the silver and blue cans that house the most energizing and sometimes overwhelming drink of all time -- Red Bull. But if you're looking for the original formula that actually gives you wings, you could've found it on Silk Road from vendors out in Thailand.

Photo courtesy Tumblr