The 25 Things Bougie, 'Rich' People Like

by Robert Anthony

Ah, what the hell are we ever going to do with the "rich," bougie people that will forever be around us? You know, the ones that brag about what school they went to and constantly hint that they may be a trust fund baby.

If you're not sure who these people are in your life, just take a look at this list below and see if you're reminded of someone. They're basically people who aren't who they say they are and who don't really have what they say that have: living, breathing, walking and talking optical illusions. Here are the 25 things bougie, "rich" people like.

25. SAYING they went to Ivy League schools.

24. Sunday brunches because it's trendy.

23. Wearing anything seersucker without being in St. Barts.

22. Connecticut and areas "just outside of Boston."

21. Knicks season tickets, but not sitting court side.

 20. Not watching their own kids because they're too busy trying to keep busy.

19.  Acting like they know anything about real estate.

18. Whole Foods or any other overpriced supermarket because they deserve the best of the best.

17. Talking about art galleries and "original pieces."

16.  Talking about who's going to be out in the Hamptons.

15. Talking about how they went to a private high school 10 years after the fact.

14. Talking. About. Nothing.

13. Pretending to be a "real housewife."

12. Unpaid internships to prove they "don't need the money."

11. Ordering the most expensive sh*t at places where you don't really have to.

10. Going green.

9. Jaguars, Lexuses & other mediocre cars that might give off the impression that they're "rich."

8. Social climbing.

7. Showing off their name brands and labels.

6. Name dropping.

5. Organic products mainly because they cost the most at Whole Foods.

4. Jay-Z

3. Mainstream designer jewelry.

2. Priding themselves on knowing how to pronounce things that can't be pronounced by most people.

1. Having every Apple product that's ever been released.