The 20 Coolest Shot Glasses You Need To Have

by Robert Anthony

As whiskey season quickly approaches, it's time to think about what kinds of shot glasses you should have in the kitchen. Or maybe you're not even keeping them at home.

Maybe you're that alcoholic nutcase who brings their own lucky shot glass to the bar. Either way, it's good to stand out and be different in these situations. If you're going to indulge in whiskey season, you need to do it right.

Even if you're not a fan of whiskey, you still need to house your vodka in something cool like a skull shaped shot glass, or maybe you want a shot glass that can multitask, holding not only your vodka, but your chaser right underneath it -- it exists!

Whatever your preference is, it's probably listed below. Don't be the screw up who doesn't have cool shot glasses to offer the ladies. Check out the 20 coolest shot glasses you need to have.

20. The Bombs Away Shot Glass


Bombs Away Shot Glass, $13, Amazon 

19. Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass


Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass, $8, Amazon 

18. The Shotshell XL

Shotshell XL, Made by Ammo

17. Ice Shot Glasses


Cool Shooters Ice Mold, $10, Amazon 

16. Copper Moscow Shot Glasses


Moscow Mule Copper Shot Glasses, $15, Amazon 

15. Glow In The Dark Shot Glasses

Shot In the Dark Shot Glasses, Amazon 

14. The Quaffer Chaser Shot Glass


Double Bubble Layered Shot Glass, $10, Amazon 

13. Red Solo Cup Shot Glasses


Red Cup Shot Glasses, $10, Amazon 

12. Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

Soapstone Ekke Shot Glasses, Amazon 

11. Laboratory Shot Glasses


Laboratory Shot Glass Set, $39, Amazon 

10. Birthday Card Shot Glass

Fifty Five Hi's

Birthday Card Shot Glass, $5, Fifty Five Hi's 

9. Star Wars: Yoda & Darth Vader Shot Glasses


Yoda Shot Glass, $7, Amazon; Darth Vader Shot Glass, $6, Amazon 

8. The 12 Gauge Shot Glass


12 Guage Shot Glass, $9, Amazon 

7. The Unbreakable Shot Glass


Not-Just-A-Shot-Glass, $6, Amazon 

6. The Collapsible Keychain Shot Glass


Collapsible Stainless Steel Shot Glass, $7, Amazon 

5. Beer Pint Shot Glass


Shot in the Pint Glass, $19, Amazon 

4. Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass


Muzzleshot, $35, Muzzleshot 

3. Animal Head Shot Glass


2. DC Comic Caped Superhero Shot Glasses


DC Comics Batman and Superman Shot Glasses, $21, Amazon

1. Mason Jar Shot Glasses


Mason Jar Shot Glasses, $9, Amazon