You Can Now Test-Drive Your Tattoo Before Making The Lifelong Commitment

Getting a tattoo is the ultimate commitment.

It's pretty much the only thing in life guaranteed to be permanent. (Unless, of course, you get laser tattoo removal, but that's a whole other story.)

Now, you can test-drive your ink before taking the plunge and going under the needle.

Momentary Ink, a new Philadelphia-based company, specializes in creating custom temporary tattoos that look like the real thing.

Upload a picture of your desired design to Momentary Ink's website, or schedule a consultation with one of the company's in-house artists to customize a detailed piece.

The company will print the waterproof tattoo exactly as you envision it, using vivid colors and high-quality, nontoxic inks.

Momentary Ink Founder Jordan Denny believes his new company will revolutionize the tattoo experience from here forward.

He tells Mashable,

People are getting rid of these cookie-cutter tattoos and really getting into more meaningful, complex, often custom design[s]. It really calls for a thoughtful decision, and requires a lot more of a flexible tattoo process. We want to make it easier to visualize something much more powerful and meaningful to people before they get it done.

Momentary Ink's temporary body art designs are “an exact replica” of real tattoos, according to Denny, without the cheap-looking “wet” finish, which most commercial temporary tattoos have.

On average, the temporary tats last between three to 10 days; although, they can last up to three weeks if treated with care.

The tattoos are affordable, too, with prices ranging from $15 for small, simple designs to $30 and up for larger pieces. Custom designs are individually priced according to size and level of detail.

This Philly-based startup can create temporary tattoos for virtually any design you want.

The highly-pigmented, opaque inks look exactly like those used in real tattoos.

Customers can now "try on" their ink before making it official.

Head to Momentary Ink to learn more...

And see more of their beautiful temporary tattoos on Instagram.

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