14 Delicate Tattoos That Celebrate Women's Bodies

by Alexa Mellardo

Tattoos are a very personalized reflection of confidence and passion. What better way to reveal your innermost feelings than by sharing an audacious, meaningful statement, word or symbol on your body?

Being self-assured enough to ink something you deem timeless onto your body forever is a true sense of loyalty and dedication to your inner self. It's a beautiful work of art, and it's something no one can ever take away from you.

But getting a tattoo also requires a lot of planning. You should have solid meaning behind what you're getting inked. Otherwise, what's the point?

You show your tattoo to the world every single day (if it's in a visible spot). So essentially, it becomes a significant part of yourself, as you share it with others.

Not only will it inspire you, but it may also have the same effect on everyone who sees it.

Here are 14 unique tattoos that are all beautiful in their own way. I'm sure every woman will feel inspired and empowered by the thought and creativity behind each and every one of them:

It may reflect the love you feel...

Simone Becchetti

... Or it will embody the passion you want to reveal.

It could be a reminder of overcoming pain...

... Or it may simply be beautifully insane.

Some scriptures could be good for the soul.

Others inspire us to achieve our goals.

Some symbols show others our hopes and dreams.

Sometimes, they reflect what we'd like to redeem.

It may be a zodiac sign...


... Or it may be a moment in time.

Whether it's struggle, power, friendship or foe...

... Happiness, remembrance, passion or woe...

... Tattoos are symbols of what you believe in.

These messages are beautiful to all who perceive them.

Whatever the meaning behind them, tattoos are a beautiful message directly from the heart.

Whether it's inspirational, motivational, empowering or just makes you feel good whenever you look at it, if it seems right... just go for it!