This Model Will Make You Realize How Much You Love Girls With Tattoos

There's something about a girl with mad tats that makes her instantly edgy. Not only did she put the time (and money) into getting it done, but she also has the pain threshold to spend hours under the needle.

Any woman who can dedicate her body to live art is a real one, but to be honest, some don't always come out looking too great.

This is not one of those.

Ellis Cooper is an LA-based model who's redefining what it means to look good and have face tats at the same damn time. She's crushing Instagram with over 160,000 followers, but realistically, that number should have another comma in it because she's just that real.

Not every chick can pull off tattoos like this, but when she can, you better at least follow her on social media.

Don't just take my word for it; peep for yourself below.

Ellis Cooper has some of the best tattoos we've ever seen.

Plus, she's pretty damn fine.

It takes hours and years to pull all this off. Those shin tats had to hurt!

But after a while, it just becomes regular sh*t.

With amazing art all over her body, what's the point of even wearing clothes?

The good thing is, Ellis rarely does.

The face tat isn't easy to pull off, but this is definitely working.

Somehow, she's killing the under-the-chin tat too!

Soon, her whole body could be covered with ink.

It would probably look something like this:

But how much is enough?

Just imagine how many trips to the tattoo parlor that would take.

Don't worry; that booty is staying clean.

Ellis' tattoos obviously have meaning.

We're just going to assume she really respects Asian culture.

She's actually a tattoo artists herself and does some dope work.

But still, none of her clients are messing around with this.

Who ever said tattoos are unprofessional is buggin'.

Because this is a professional level of bad.

Come on, guys...

Does anyone really have their doubts anymore?!