These People Let An Artist Give Them Tattoos Of Whatever He Wanted (Photos)

Usually, when getting a tattoo, you walk into the parlor knowing exactly what you want.

Most people spend weeks, months and maybe even years of contemplation before finally following through with the inking process.

However, what if we told you there are quite a few brave souls out there who agreed to get tattoos without knowing what the designs would be? Well, there are!

According to Refinery29, tattoo artist Scott Campbell pulled off an epic tattoo project called "Whole Glory" where random people allowed him to give them tattoos. The catch? They didn't know what the tattoos would be and couldn't see them until Campbell was finished!

The result? Well, it's safe to say getting a mystery tattoo from Scott Campbell isn't a bad idea at all!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Tattoo artist Scott Campbell's project, "Whole Glory," required brave people to stick their arms in holes and get unknown tattoos.

Campbell revealed no clues about what he would tattoo on them.

Once participants grabbed their tickets, they had to sit back and wait.

Eventually, each participant made his or her way to the tattoo chair and stuck an arm through the hole.

Those are some brave souls.

The tattoos? Well, they all came out AMAZING!

Mystery tattoos might not be a bad idea after all...

...especially when they look as cool as this one does.

Sometimes, you just have to learn to trust!

Campbell reportedly plans on opening a studio in Los Angeles, which may or may not consist of just a wall and a hole.

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