This Stylish Clothing Line Is Actually Based Off A 2-Year-Old's Painting (Photos)

If you're like most toddlers, your poor attempts at painting throughout preschool probably didn't make it much further than the kitchen fridge.

But when you mother just so happens to be Egle Ziemyte, the creative director of the apparel company D.EFECT, your scribbles are treated more along the lines of abstract artwork.

D.EFECT named 2-year-old Sofija's print Youngest designer and used her stunning artwork to create three different styles of clothing for its upcoming spring/summer collection.

According to Ziemyte,

When creating SS15 I was completely immersed in motherhood, having just given birth to my firstborn. Seeing the world through my daughter's eyes was such a big contrast to the world surrounding me, so the collection is heavily influenced by playful influences from childhood.

This talented tot may just be the youngest and most adorable designer the fashion world has ever seen.

Sofija isn't your average 2-year-old finger-painting toddler.

This pre-K Picasso may be the world's youngest fashion designer.

After playing around with some paint, Sofija created this awesome design.

Her mother, Egle Ziemyte, was so impressed, she decided to make it D.EFECT's print of the season.

She even named the print after Sofija.

Sofija's print was used for the Destiny top...

...and two other items, including the Briella print dress and D.EFECT's Lilibet print shirtdress.

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