Student Makes Real-Life Batman Costume That's Ready For Combat (Photos)

Some people will stop at nothing to show the world how much they love their favorite comic book superheroes.

Remember when we showed you that awesome Batmobile baby stroller not too long ago?

If you thought that was awesome, you'll be glad to know there's another Batfan out there who's taking his superhero-inspired DIY projects to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Meet Jackson Gordon.

He's not your ordinary college kid. He's an industrial design student at Philadelphia University, a black belt in Kung Foo and just so happens to be a batsh*t crazy fan of his favorite superhero.

Recently, this superfan created an epic Batman suit.

And there's more to this suit than its awesome appearance.

According to Gordon, it can "withstand punches, machetes and baseball bats," not to mention protect you from any bully on campus who has a thing against Batman.

Gordon is no stranger to designing cosplay costumes and has constructed another Batsuit in the past that was built solely to look like the real deal.

But for his latest superhero endeavors, Gordon decided to go all out and construct a suit that blurred the lines between aesthetics and functionality.

So he got to work crafting a badass Batsuit that could protect him in combat without limiting his range of motion.

This insane suit took Gordon five months to complete, and he finally unveiled the finished product at Katsucon (an anime convention in Maryland) this month.

Now that this project is done, it's only a matter of time before Gordon will be back to the drawing board with his next superhero creation.

Behold, the ultimate Batsuit.

This combat suit can protect you from punches, machetes and baseball bats.

First, Gordon got to work on his mask.


After after adding some ears and painting it black..


He used a silicon mold to cover the mask in plastic.

Next Gordon got started on the armored suit.


He designed the suit to combine the best of superhero style and function.


After the suit was done, he added the finishing touches to the bat mask..

And put it all together to make one epic outfit.

Every superhero needs a ride that looks impressive as his costume, and Gordon is no exception.

He finally unveiled his badass Batsuit at this year's Katsucon..

And you can be sure that his protective suit put all the other Batman costumes to shame.

Evil is no match for this superfan.

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