This Epic Stop-Motion Karate Fight Is Better Than Most Action Movies (Video)

You’re going to thoroughly enjoy “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Guys With Too Much Free Time.”

Armed with a GoPro and a homemade PVC rig, CorridorDigital got to live out its Jet Li fantasies through an epic stop-motion karate battle.

No actual 30-something-year-old white men were injured during the filming on this video.

In fact, according to the behind-the-scenes video, the only things they really battled were shadows ruining their shots and the task of drilling a hole in the GoPro case without a drill.

I swear, if 30-something-year-old dudes spent half the time they spend doing stuff like this on fixing real problems, the world would be a lot better by now.

It’s a cool video, but cancer would be solved by now if YouTube didn’t exist.