30 Stoner Chicks Who Will Make You Realize How Much You Love Weed

Even if you haven't been to church in years and don't know anything about religion, you know God snapped when he made stoner chicks.

Women and weed go together like so few things in this world and it's our duty to protect them, make them feel comfortable and give them mad snacks. If you scare them away, you're an assh*le.

It almost feels like they're an endangered species, though, and it's hard to find a solid pack -- but hey, they're out there buddy.

Ganja Girls at least found some of the hottest ones on Instagram and blessed us with their glory. The chances of you wanting to smoke a blunt and get cuffed after this are extremely high.

Stoner chicks were put on this earth for one thing... enjoy life and do it with their friends, duh!

If there's one thing we do know, it's they roll in squads with other like-minded females.

Who else are they supposed to share all their trees with?

Like I said, they typically have a lot of friends for that.

Because when you have this much weed...

...your blunts are going to start looking like this...

...and your selfies a little like this.

Nothing says "independent woman" like having your own weed.

And nothing screams wifey material like a girl who can roll up!

Go out there and do your damn thing, young woman!

If she smokes, there's a good chance she plays video games.

If she plays video games, there's a good chance she chills.

If she's down to chill with her friend, then it's a wrap!

It's true, women are just so much more loving to their weed.

They make sure to keep their bowls packed...

...their blunts lit...

...a nug always close to their hearts...

...and one always rolled!

I've been smoking bongs since high school and never made it look this good.

But hey, nobody's trying to see me like this.

Stoner chicks have an excellent sense of humor.

They also just like to have a great time and will do random sh*t that brightens up your day.

She woke up like dis.

Anyone who can smoke a dab is a real one, but especially her.

Girls who can do smoke tricks are awesome too.

Those are some really big nugs.

I would marry this woman, no questions asked.

This is what our honeymoon would look like!

And this is the divorce settlement.