Starbucks Turned A 1930s Gas Station Into A Classic Drive-Thru (Photos)

Aside from Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Christmas-themed cups, Starbucks is also known for having awesomely designed coffee shops.

Each coffee shop features a minimal, homey design that most other shops lack. Another awesome thing about Starbucks' store design is that each location varies; almost no shop is identical to another.

Especially its newest shop located in Hollywood, on Highland and Willoughby. The store is the product of a restoration project that took over two years to complete and was headed by Starbucks' senior store design manager, Jon Alpert.

According to Thrillist, the original structure had been vacant for nearly 20 years before Starbucks figured out a way to make it useful and appealing to this California neighborhood again.

In an interview with Thrillist, Alpert revealed,

Our real estate team came in, made a deal, and we set out to restore this building and show it in its -- or as close as we could bring it -- to its original state while putting in a fully-functional Starbucks experience.

Instead of this major corporation just waltzing into the area, bulldozing the abandoned structure and building a new Starbucks, the company decided to take a much different approach and preserve the building.

He added,

We wanted to be respectful to the site, respectful to the building, and we feel we've hit that mark.

The new shop, which just opened for business on March 26, is also a drive-thru so you can drive right up and get your daily dose of caffeine without your feet ever having to touch the ground.

Check out the photos below for a closer look at this amazing property restoration project!

Back in 1935, this abandoned structure in Hollywood was a functional gas station operated by Gilmore Oil.


After going out of business, the property remained abandoned until Starbucks stepped in.


Starbucks restored the building during a two-year restoration project. Now it looks like this:


The newly-designed shop has the same 30s feel to it.


What a transformation:

If you're ever in Hollywood, venture over for a fresh cup!

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