Your Epic Spring Break Expectations Vs. The Unfortunate Reality


Spring break is the perfect time to get out of the winter weather and party your ass off someplace sunny.

Let's face it, I think most of us would rather gear up for the rest of the semester by running around in bikinis than staying at home and hitting the books.

There are all sorts of ways you can celebrate a well-deserved week off from school -- whether you head to an insane beach party that gives you flashbacks of "MTV Spring Break," get lit on a huge lake with thousands of other college kids or turn up on a tropical island with your BFFs.

However, if you ever hit up one of the spring break hotspots, you probably know all the sun-soaked selfies and epic party photos you see on Instagram don't always tell the whole story.

Yep, when it comes to livin' it up under the sun, those staged Instagram photos will give you some seriously high expectations of spring break that don't always match the outcome.

Take a look at the pictures below to see your expectations of spring break vs. what spring break is actually like IRL.

Expectation: The party will start as soon as the limo shows up to bring your squad to the airport.

Reality: Your limo (aka town car) will show up at the ass-crack of dawn, you will wait in long lines at the airport, get your expensive 4 oz bottle of sun tan lotion confiscated by security and then sit on a boring three-hour flight.

Expectation: You will stay in a gorgeous hotel suite with breathtaking ocean views.

Reality: You will quickly realize your resort does not look like the photos on the website.

Expectation: You will get up early ever morning and hit the gym so you can show off you rock-solid abs on the beach every day.

Reality: Gym? I thought you said gin! Now, shut up and pass me a shot.

Expectation: You will spend your days basking in the sun to achieve the perfect golden glow.

Reality: You will underestimate the power of the tanning oil and tropical sun and end up looking like a scorched lobster with some super inconvenient tan lines.

Expectation: You will meet the guy of your dreams during happy hour at the hotel bar.

Reality: You will meet a creepy club promoter who makes you feel like you're about to star in a real-life version of the movie "Taken."

Expectation: You will go to all sorts of incredible day parties.

Reality: You'll stand in a circle with your girls on a hot, crowded beach and chug warm rum punch until you inevitably make out with the pirate you drunkenly mistook for Johnny Depp.

Expectation: You will rage into the night and party at Señor Frog's until daybreak.

Reality: You will turn up too hard during the day, pass out in a random kayak on the beach and sleep through all the parties.

Expectation: You and your friends will have the best bonding experience ever.

Reality: You will get into a huge argument with your friends and end up drinking by yourself on the beach.

Expectation: You will do all sorts of fun activities, like snorkeling and horseback riding.

Reality: You will blow all your money on cheap souvenirs and duty-free booze at the airport and then have no money left to do extra activities with everyone else.

Expectation: You will venture into town and eat all sorts of amazing local cuisine.

Reality: The only exotic flavor you will experience is the unique taste of throwing up seven piña coladas at 3 am.

Expectation: You will spend the week making unforgettable spring break memories.

Reality: You will go home with almost no recollection of your trip because you were basically blackout drunk the whole time.