Your Summer Diet Is Ruined: Some Genius Invented Bacon-Fried Oreos (Photos)

When it comes to food porn, the possibilities are pretty endless.

Especially concoctions that include just about any kind of food, like that time someone created an insane Bloody Mary by putting an entire piece of fried chicken in it.

More recently, however, we're given a look at something even crazier.

This time, Oh, Bite It! gives us a look at what bacon-wrapped Oreos would look like. Yes, Oreo cookies wrapped in fried bacon.

This probably isn't the smartest thing to eat, but there's no doubt Oreos by themselves are irresistible, just like bacon by itself.

That leaves us a bit curious. What would Oreos and bacon taste like together?

Thanks to this simple recipe, you can set up shop in your kitchen and find out for yourself. Check out the step-by-step process below for a closer look.

Here's what you'll need to get the job done:

First, you'll want to wrap a strip of bacon around each Oreo, then you'll want to gently secure them with toothpicks:

Now it's time to fry 'em up until they're nice and crispy:

After doing this about 20 times, you'll have a mountain of bacon-wrapped Oreos that may or may not give you a heart attack:

It's not every day you see your favorite cookie wrapped in your favorite fried food!

This recipe is almost too American for its own good.

If you're feeling really brave, try this recipe using Double Stuf Oreos.