This Siri-Like Smart Desk Predicts Your Every Need During The Work Day

The world of smart technology continues to grow, and the latest player is one you'd never expect: a smart desk.

Created by Robotbase, the Autonomous Desk monitors your behavior and adapts to it over time, learning your preferences, schedule and needs.

You'll be alerted of upcoming events via a Siri-like artificially intelligent system that also responds to your specific questions and requests. The more you use it, the more it learns your unique voice, accent and slang, and the better it can communicate with you.

If connected to another device (like your phone or your computer), the Autonomous Desk will sync with it via WiFi, essentially gaining all of the other device's capabilities (for instance, it can create playlists or change the temperature or lights via Bluetooth).

In terms of design, it looks pretty much like your average desk and comes in a variety of finishes, including black, bamboo and walnut. A wireless phone charger is attached to the desk, and the desktop sits atop legs that can adjust depending on your height as you stand or sit.

Robotbase is seeking funding for the Autonomous Desk via Kickstarter right now, but it's already more than doubled the $50,000 goal, so if you pledge, you can rest assured you'll actually get it (it plans to ship the desks this September).

Prices range from $299 for the frame-only model to $599 for the full model.

Learn more here, and check out the video up top for an interactive look.

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