'The Simpsons' Characters Decked Out In Streetwear Look Pretty Badass (Photos)

Remember that time we showed you a bunch of world leaders who ditched the suits for some awesome streetwear?

Well, if you thought that was awesome, you haven't seen anything yet.

There's a new crew of fashion-forward characters on the block, and they're bringing some seriously strong game to the style scene.

Recently, illustrator Tommy Bates set out to give the main characters from the popular TV show "The Simpsons" a hot new makeover by creating a series of images that showcase these guys dripping in urban swag.

His imaginative illustrations include Mr. Burns rocking Represent, Homer balancing out a Pigalle hoodie with some BAPE and Balenciaga and Flanders going hard in some Kanye West x Adidas Originals.

By introducing these fictional characters to some new clothing brands and trends, he transforms them into fashion icons.

Take one look at this insanely stylish crew, and it's not hard to see that these "Simpsons" characters will put even the best of your #OOTD uploads to shame.

Bart Simpson looks Supreme-ly stylish in streetwear.

Homer pulls off Pigalle with ease.

Flander's Yeezys are on fleek.

Comic Book Guy is dripping in 10.Deep swag.

Mr. Burns rocks Represent on the reg.

Moe looks effortlessly urban in all-white everything and Air Force Ones.

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